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Random Ramblings

15 April 1984
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Hmm...how does one go about describing oneself? And which aspect of myself am I supposed to describe? A friend told me recently that the 'self' is not all the stuff you do, the things you think, or the emotions you feel, but the space where all of it is stored...but just saying "I'm space" probably doesn't cut it either. Well, non-technically, I'm a passionate, kooky person with a vast number of interests--I never get bored. I'm very good at being silly and not taking myself seriously, and I love anything having to do with the fantasy/adventure/medieval realm. I'm a self-proclaimed geek (and proud of it, thank you very much!)--I figured I'd better proclaim it since everyone else will anyway. :-) Currently I'm having an identity crisis where I think I'm a gypsy, so I run around downtown Lexington dressed accordingly, flowing skirts, hoop earrings, multiple scarves and all...all the while singing and searching for my lost caravan... When I'm not living in the world in my head, I'm working at UK, volunteering with the Lexington Humane Society (I'm a total cat lady!), singing at a local senior care center (they're so much fun!), helping my dad with the Relay for Life, running off for weekend trips to Ren Fests or other festivals, watching way too many weird movies, hanging out with friends, or, as I'm most easily recognized, I have my nose in a book (almost certainly a Terry Brooks novel or some science book about the brain). Okay, there's my life story...